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Unhappy Scaredy Quinn.

My baby Quinn came home yesterday, but he hasn't moved an inch from his perch. He hasn't been eating, and his poops went from watery green/white to black this morning.

He's less than four months old, and I'm unsure as to whether he's been weaned because the place I got him from was, to say the least, a bit sketchy. He comes from a breeder who probably mistreated him (he was stuffed in a cage with thirty other birds, it was clear the cages were never washed) and I'm worried that he'll have a hard time trusting me when the time comes.

There was a bowl of seed and a bowl of water in the cage, but that was it - I don't even know whether Quinn was eating previously. I know it's still very soon, but I'm so worried about him and I don't want him to be sad. On the other hand, he doesn't flinch away when I put my hand in the cage; he nibbled my finger and put his foot up on it.

Do any of you more experienced budgie owners know of ways to get your budgie to eat or drink? Should I be more concerned or will he be fine?
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