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Talking Some Questions about my funny birds :3

Hi !
may I just say how I love this forum hehe it's nice to know a place where more pople LOVE budgies like I do..
so okay the questions : ~

1. my budgie boy is funny. I've had them since July 2014 and we made a progress with the ~bonding~ BUT he is still afraid of me.
I mean .. he eats from my hand (!) , perch on my finger / hand, and even kiss me sometimes xD , but he always run away from me when I put my hand in the cage.. like RUN FOR YOUR LIFE kind of avoiding... it's funny but kind weird.. such a weird pesonality of what?

2. my hen seems to be "in condition" for a year now O-o
I can't remember the last time she had bluish nose.. is that possible?
I think that's why she bites me so hard.. but she's not like the boy .. we have a love -hate relationship (because of the biting.. /
also she laid only one egg her entire life - it was on 26.2.2015 ..
is that normal? I don't want her to lay anymore eggs but just wondering..

thanks for who ansers, and have a nice evening !