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Default Rehoming Two Budgies


My husband and I adopted two budgies last year from a family who wasn't able to care for them anymore. We've had them almost a year now and they are very lovely but I think they deserve a better home. They are at least 6 years old.

They are very people shy and although they are making progress I'm concerned that they will never be overly friendly with people. They only have each other for company so I'm worried about what will happen when one passes on. My husband and I do not want to own budgies anymore after these two so one would just be very lonely for a while.

I don't want this to happen so I want them to go to a home with other budgies. Someone with a flock who is committed to having birds for a long time. If that describes you and you feel like taking in two more I would be very grateful. I don't have a car so I would need you to be able to pick them up we are in Toronto.

A little more about these two. We've named them Quark (Male green and yellow) and Ezri (female white with some yellow and blue spots) but I don't think they care about their names. Quark loves to sing and talks to me when I walk in the room. They've gotten used to hands being put into their cage and are usually ok with people walking up to their cage (if the cage is open they sometimes fly away when I get close). I can get my hand closer to Ezri than to Quark. They do not have their wings clipped and have free flight of one room in our home. They have only ever had a seed diet I tried to change them to pellets but they wouldn't eat the pellets, I give them vegetables regularly and they usually eat a little bit. I think you'd have more luck switching them to healthy food if they had other birds to set an example for them.

We got them to keep our male budgie company. We started out with one female budgie and adopted a male to keep her company and then after she passed it was just us and our male for a while. When I started working full time I didn't want our male budgie to be alone all day so we got Quark and Ezri. The three of them got along fine and it worked well but earlier this year our male died. We were very heart broken. I've been thinking about what will happen if Quark or Ezri pass. We know we don't want any more birds but I don't want them to be alone. Our male was very friendly and we were able to snuggle him and hold him and talk to him he would come and land on us when we were in his room and I know he loved us. If I felt that Ezri and Quark cared about us in that way I wouldn't be worried but I don't know if they will ever be that friendly. If they have the potential to be that friendly I don't think I have the time to work with them to get them there.

I'm committed to caring for these guys for the rest of their life or until a better home for them comes along. I thought I would put the word out just in case someone has room in their flock.