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1st carrier link-
It isn't safe for a budgie. You can use it for larger small to medium birds but even then you have to block off the holes to the door which are about an inch wide in some places.

I own this carrier and use it for my cockatiel but I would never ever put a budgie in there. The actual bar spacing on the carrier is a small fraction less then 3/4's probably closer to 7/10th of an inch. We used a a larger foraging toy on the door frame to block the really large holes.

2nd carrier link-
I also own the red carrier and the spacing is all a 1/2 inch or less except for one slightly larger hole in the center of the lid. I blocked that hole with tape. I will warn you my budgie hates that carrier because it is dark and small. I finally stopped using it because trying to get him in there was such a power struggle. Now, I just use a small cage for transport if I can't take his current cage, no more power struggles. My cockatiel cannot fit in this carrier because his tail is too long.

How about something like this? Petco parakeet cage It has a large door and a carrier handle with a few small renovations it would be a great sleep/travel cage. If the tiel is going to spend a majority of the day in the cage I would look for a slightly bigger travel cage maybe a 16x16 so he won't be too cramped.

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