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Default Sudden Illness

One of my budgies seems really quiet this morning. She's not playing, she's just sitting on the perch, with her eyes closed and her wings apart as if she's hot. I put the cage outside for some fresh air and she's still like that only she started stretching her neck and spitting out seeds. Her friend is trying to get her to play and she moves for a bit and just goes back to sitting and closing her eyes.
I had two birds originally and one of them always seemed to get illness after illness and my other bird would be completely fine. I removed the sick bird and it died, after a while I got 3 new birds to add to the cage. I know your suppose to keep quarantined before you add them into the main cage, but could my other bird be carrying something and just shows no symptoms? Could my budgies be infected?
Please answer, I live on a tiny island where many vets are not that knowledgeable about birds. I would still take the bird to one but it's a public holiday.