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Originally Posted by Jonah View Post
Check out our diet/nutrition stickies, lot of great info that will answer most of your questions. My own opinion is a diet compromised of a quality pellet available at all times, supplemented with fresh veggies, occasional fruit, and daily small doses of seed, works well. Egg/egg food is also very important as it is loaded with protein and is very beneficial for recovering during and after molting. All new foods can be hard to get them going on, but with patience and persistance, utilizing some of the helpful tips in our sticky's, you will prevail...
Thank You! I've checked a few posts on the Diet/Nutrition topic forum and it helped me a lot!

Originally Posted by FaeryBee View Post
I agree with Randy

The answers to questions regarding diet, nutrition and sprouting are all covered in the Budgie Articles and the Stickies in the Diet and Nutrition Section of our forum.

Articles: Diet and Nutrition - Talk Budgies Forums

Diet and Nutrition - Talk Budgies Forums

Please take the time to read through all the articles and stickies throughout our various forums as they will answer most basic questions you may have.

If, after reading through everything, you have a question you were unable to find the answer to, we'll be happy help.
Thank You! Will be checking some more posts later.

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