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Default Rescues fighting

I rescued a couple a month or so ago. Lately I've been noticing the female was picking on the male nothing big but enough for me to keep an eye on it. Especially when she starts screeching.

Well this morning she flipped on him and had him pinned down. I opened the cage to get her away from him and during this he decided to escape the cage. After about 5 to 10 mins I finally caught him with the help of my kids and got him into their "travel" cage. Which is totally bare other than food and water dishes.

It seems that they will have to be kept separate which is fine with me. The only reason up until now I kept them together was the fact that they have always been caged together and I was afraid with the stress of them moving to a new house they wouldn't handle another huge change so soon. Until now I thought that maybe the change of environment might have lead to an innocent battle of dominance but this is a lot more than innocent.

I'm thinking I am going to wait until he calms down some before putting the spare perches and toys into his new "temp" cage. He's pretty freaked out right now. Now to start saving for a new cage for him.