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Default Aggressive Female

I have a large aviary where most of my budgies are kept. I had 4 males and 2 females. The females were actually quite fond of each other, and the flock was harmonious.

However, I took one female and a male out and separated them for breeding. (They are currently raising 3 healthy little pink aliens ) Ever since then, the other female left has not been very nice.

Okay, so she has never really been very nice, but it was not terrible. She would pick on the boys a little, but it wasn't anything out of the realm of what I would say is normal. However, that changed when I took the other female out. She went from ornery to aggressive. She would chase the boys around relentlessly, especially my English boy, poor Thor. Then when she nicked the cere of Peeta, I decided she had to be pulled from the aviary and caged alone.

However, my question comes in with her behavior now that she is caged alone. She has no problem playing with her toys or eating or any of that. I even pulled her favorite toy out of the aviary and put it in her cage, cause I sorta feel bad that she is alone now, even though it is her own fault. However, she is not a happy camper. She will almost attack the doors of her cage, and I have to secure the feeding doors because she has figured out how to lift them up, and I am afraid she will let herself out eventually if I don't. That would not be a good situation since I have 2 dogs that would not hesitate to go after her.

I just don't know what to do with her. I am trying to give her more one on one time, but although she is cooperative, she just doesn't really seem to care for human contact. She will step up and sit with you for a little while, but then she is done. She can become rather nippy when she's been out for a little bit. I do not react to her biting, and I do not put her back in her cage when she bites, but she still seems to want to do it.

So she isn't too interested in me, she can't go in with the flock, and I am sure not going to breed her. I am just not sure what else I can do for her.