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Default Best choice for my lone female budgie?

Ok so Ace is coming along nicely, pretty convinced this Albino is a girl (cere is now brown) She comes out to play every evening, (she has sooo many toys!) she sits on our heads, flies to you when you hold your hand out. She play ball on the carpet too, really funny to watch! She loves her greens and grated carrot!! Here is my dilemma....

.. I called our local pet shop owner as we decided that as Ace was alone for most of the day and is showing no sign of talking, that we should consider getting her a companion. The ladies response was " you'll probably end up with a blood bath" !! Omg! Really? Another budgie owner I know advised that if we went ahead and got a second budgie, we should not get another female as again, they would fight. Surely though if I get a male, they will mate?

Confused .com !!

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