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Question Different coloured feet?

So recently (is in about four hours ago) we had gotten a new addition to the family, and that addition being a cockatiel. He's rather bitey right now and is sat up high in our front room (unlike my own birds, which are in my room lest they are taken out for a flight. This one is my mom's). Unfortunately, he doesn't have a name yet as he just arrived, but we'll soon decide on what we're going to call him as he calms down.

Now, on to the point of this post, and if you've read the title and description, you'd already know what's up.
I will post images if it's requested, but the cockatiel's talons are completely mismatched. Including the nails and skin, one of his legs is grey while the other is pink. I want to share this because not only is it interesting, but I'm wondering if it could have possibly be caused by an injury or if it is genetics. I've not seen many birds with colourings like this, in fact, I've not seen any with different coloured feet.
Any ideas?


(I opened the blinds behind his cage to get some decent lighting in these. It's closed now, don't worry)
He seems to be walking on it fine, and, honestly, I don't think he's noticed.
Maybe I should get him a matching pair of bird socks.

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