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Default Wing Pattern Question

I have a question about my budgie Puppy's mutations.
Thanks in advance~!

I know that it is a little difficult to be 100% accurate based on photos online. I have read the descriptions of all of these mutations and looked up photos online, and i understand how they are different, but if someone could explain how to distinguish these mutations on my bird it would be helpful. I've seen a few photos that seem to look like Puppy's colors, but they have been labeled with different mutation. *^_^*

Just a *Reminder*...This is Puppy-

When i first found Puppy, someone online (not here) identified him as a Continental Duchpied Greywing Skyblue. I understand that Continental Duchpied is also known as "Clearflight Pied" (thanks Nev90). So i understand his clear flight feathers and the "thumbprint" on the back of his head.

I've been trying to learn the various mutations, and i was wondering if Puppy's dilution is just a regular "greywing", or maybe a "full bodied greywing". I don't think he is just a "dilute" because his overall color isn't that light... but is his body color bright enough to be a "full bodied greywing"~? His stripes and markings are too dark to be a "clearwing", right~?

What do you think~?

Also, i was wondering if maybe he was Spangle as well~? It's hard for me to tell because his wing markings don't go all the way down because of the clearflight pied. But now that i have a budgie with "normal" wing markings, i think that Puppy's look different. Also, you can see some blue on his mantle, which i noticed i cannot see on my normal winged bird.


My cinnamon with "normal" wings-

Hehe~ When i got my two new budgies and they both happened to be skyblue i was thinking to myself, "'s not like i have a thing for skyblues. I don't know why 3 of my 4 are skyblues". As i was looking for pictures to use in this post, i realized that my "thing" isn't skyblues.... i think i have a "thing" for beautiful wings~! LoL~


Mouse, my Opaline-

Recessive Pied-

And my Cinnamon-


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