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Default My Bourkes' parakeets

Last weekend I went to a bird show and happened to chance upon some Bourke's parakeets.

These guys have been on my bucket list for ages and I had to get them. They are extremely rare in the UAE. I have never seen Bourkes available for sale before .
I got the Rosies a month ago which were the only ones of their kind available. I was shocked to find two more for sale (lutino !!! and normal grey) and had to get them. I never imagined finding a lutino out here.

Even though people prefer the mutations , I find the grey male stunning. The combination of blue , pink , grey and brown is exquisite.
The poor lutino's back was completely plucked. Good news is that the feathers are already coming in . She should be back to good feather in a month.

I'm quite looking forward to improving their diet and getting them in prime condition .

Regarding their setup , I've read that Bourkes need a lot more horizontal flying space than budgies. I thought joining these 2 cages will give them enough room to fly and stretch their wings.

Note - I have not quarantined the new birds as they have all come from the same supplier. Since I have only had them for a month , all 4 will be in quarantine together away from the rest of my flock.