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Originally Posted by CaptainHowdy View Post
Oh i do love bourkes i have 5

Might be an idea to just treat for mites and get some blood work to rule out any underlying illnesses.

As for flying they need a lot of space both height and horizontal as they 'flutter' about more than fly directly.

I keep mine in 6 by 3 by 6 foot aviaries.
They are just so mellow. I think I am beginning to fall in love with them. They don't even try to bite no matter how much you grab them .

I treat all my new arrivals for mites. They are due to go the vets over the following week. I just had a clutch of budgie babies and wouldn't want to risk it .

Do you house yours with other birds ?
I don't see these guys getting along too well with budgies . Would they get along with linnies or maybe red rumps (in a non-breeding environment) ?
I'm currently in the process of working on an exclusive grass parakeet aviary . I'm trying to find some scarlet chesteds around here but don't see that happening any time soon .