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Default Bird Sand?

I've been looking at a lot of internet sites about my birdie's diet.
I didn't buy any bird sand because I thought seeds and veggies will be enough but every site, not forums, that are in Turkish (my mother tongue) says half seed/half sand but when we don't even have avian vets, how can I trust these articles?

I'm using Versele Laga seeds which I think it's the best I can find here, others are brands like Whiskas, cheap tasty but fatty. Mixing those with sand maybe makes sense because they're classic pet shop seeds, but mine is I think a better option considering they weren't even in the pet shop and I don't think she needs extra help for digestion because apparently it helps digestion. I still think bird sands sounds a bit dodgy though.

What do you guys think? Does any of you uses these bird sands?

Thank you!