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Default Amy's flock (ongoing thread)

Hi all, I so love reading everyone's flock threads and so thought I'd start my own

I spend every day building the trust up with lady Trevelyan and I notice everyday that she comes closer and closer to me. Today was a breakthrough day though as she jumped onto my hand to nibble millet! [emoji3]I just hold my hand there and she kind of nibbles the platform as she comes closer but makes out she's busy and just happens to stumble across my hand by accident [emoji6] she's very cute and cheeky!! I've noticed the last few days she has a little peck of my hand and then runs off fast as if she's testing me [emoji4] today she ran over my hand a few times before she just jumped up and say there for 5 mins...I even managed to raise my hand up and I didn't feel her tense up or sense she was going to flit off or anything [emoji4]

I was up late last night looking at the stickies about diet and nutrition, and searching up local avian vets to which I found 5!!! Who do I choose?!

So I now have a recipe for egg food and birdie bread and am going out in a mo to buy farm eggs. I also put my first seeds in to sprout this morning...I really want to buy fresh seeds rather than the pet shop stuff but don't know where to start with hunting them down...any advice?

I'm planning to give Lady sprouts for breakfast, egg food and veggies for lunch and pellets and seed mix for dinner. I'll leave pellets in all day...I'm finding the transfer to pellets from seeds slow but I think I need to make the jump and trust she won't starve herself...will do that when I start the new feeding system with my first sprouts tomorrow

I have a cockatiel too called Remi who will soon be out of quarantine and he and Lady often call out to each other. I'm hoping to introduce them slowly and see how they get along. Both seem very calm and friendly and so far neither have shown me any aggression...I'm hoping they get along but I know it's obviously important that Lady doesn't come to any harm

Love my birdies so much...they give me so much joy and I love seeing the progress they both make daily with getting closer to me.

I used to have two budgies as a kid, the first one (Alfie)I got was very tame with me but I was a pushy kid so not sure how I managed that...maybe he had no choice the second one we got when his owner died and he was plucking himself terribly! I'm thankful that I know more now about how to care for my birdies now and can provide them with all they need and I'm so happy I found this forum as it has been really encouraging so far and very valuable to me [emoji3]

I'm craving morrrrrrreeeee budgies but I have to resist as I'm so eager to get a close bond with my Lady!

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