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Default The baby and the beast saga (a journal?)

The saga of introducing merlin (the beast) and Arthur (the baby) continues (I'm so tempted to write a journal considering how much it is not going to plan!!). A bit of background - merlin is 2 years old, female and single for that time. Arthur is a sociable bird friendly baby (though yet to be hand tamed). The birds have been caged next to each other since Monday and I let merlin out while Arthur is caged in the room.
Merlin has very half hearted opinions about arthur. She NEVER speaks to him (although she chirps at me fine) and prefers to stand on top of his cage and stare at him down through the bars. If he gets too close (which he obviously does coz he is desperate to hang out with her) she will bite his toes followed by awful screams on his part - it breaks my heart!
Another thing that seems to happen is this beak biting. It's horrible! They approach each other open beaks, tongues out and then try to bite each other. I've got a hideous paranoia that she will somehow snap his beak off.
Another interesting thing is that she is less aggressive when he is out on her cage. He insists on trying to sleep next to her perch in those circumstances.
So my question is - is this behaviour normal? Especially the beak biting?