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Default New budgie naming woes

Hi all! Well, thanks to our fairy godmother Jo Ann, we were able to find a breeder within a five hour drive of us. He is great, and has been sending us pics of breeding pairs, etc. Last night, we got a pic of a recessive pied sky baby boy and fell in love! We are planning to go get him in mid July! I will see if the breeder minds if I post one of the pics he sent, so I can share.

Alas, the naming debate has begun. Alex, the 10 year old budgie fanatic, had thought he might like to name his next bird Flash. It sounds kind of super hero-ish, and he seemed settled. Upon seeing the pic of this pied bird, with his little "pops" of sky blue, Alex changed his mind. "This is Bubbles," he announced. My husband, ever the manly man, balked. Bubbles sounds silly, childish, emasculating (to the bird, I guess?). Wanting to make peace, I suggested adding a qualifier, to both give such a fancy bird a more formal name, and to beef up the macho factor. Alex loved this idea and came in strong with "Bubbles the Annihilator." Wanting to offer options that conveyed the controlled masculine power of this majestic creature, I suggested either "Bubbles the Disemboweler" or "Bubbles the Impaler." It was at this point that I began to get rather disgusted looks from the husband, who I think thought we were poking fun. Ever the peacemaker, I offered the option of lying to his friends and saying the bird's name was Bubba. Here in the south there are many fine, manly Bubbas about.

In the end, we decided that the naming must be done with the bird's personality in mind, so we are waiting to meet him before deciding. In light of personality being a factor, pray for us that he doesn't end up as Bubbles the Disemboweler!