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Yes, we've all three been giggling over this conversation now. Hubby came around to the possibility of a Bubbles after it was pointed out that 1: budgies are naturally secure in their manhood and 2: budgies seem to love those "p" and "b" sounds if they choose to talk with us. Both points are evident in the many happy, chatty Pretty Boys out there! Alex also pointed out that there is a Bubbles in the Angry Birds game, and what is more manly than a destructive, pig-hating feathered projectile!

Shanebudgie, you are so right- knowing the people responsible for this precious boy's existence, he can' be anything but "the Great". He looks so sweet in the picture we all just can't wait to give him little kisses!

Star, I love the name Ronan! Some of our favorite friends named their son that. Also, it rhymes with Conan, so perhaps we could add "the Barbarian " to the list? I'm sure the millet seeds would agree!

Deb, just thinking of a sweet little bird named Bubbles the Disemboweler gives me the giggle-snorts. We can't damage his little birdie rep with such an awful name! I think we are all ok with just plain Bubbles, Flash, or whatever the little guy seems to be. Maybe he will whisper his little birdie secrets to us when we meet him, and we'll just know!