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JoAnn, that's so funny you said that-,yesterday we made some stops at pharmacies and shops to grab some replenishments/ additions to our first aid kit, and today or tomorrow Alex and I will go down the list and box everything in a bin, and order anything we are still missing. My husband, Grant, has been really creative and helpful here- he was the one who brought home baby syringes and I.V. Catheters to help medicate Spiral, and he was really into the first aid kit assembly. One of my first goals with new budgie is to teach him to take some yummy treats/ veggie juices from a syringe as a good thing. That way, if we ever have to give him medicine, it isn't traumatic. Spiral taught us so much!

We also attended an exotic bird fair last weekend. It was our first chance to see English budgies in person. Alex had a great time looking at all the birds, but he was just enamored with those budgies. We used the opportunity to stock up on natural wood perches, water tubes, and Alex used some of his money to buy new toys for his new best friend. We are so, so excited! There is so much to do to get ready- hopefully the time between now and July will fly by!