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Originally Posted by RavensGryf View Post
I'm glad you were there and able to rush to Tweetsum's aid! It's understandable after trauma like that to want a nap and not want to be social, but if she is lethargic, best to call the avian vet or an emergency vet who will see avians asap. I hope she is okay. Please keep us updated here. Wishing you good luck!

Whenever you get a chance, you might want to take a picture of the item and list it here in the dangerous toys and products thread.

Also, until you can get to the vet if she is not acting right, you can try this. Soak a little millet in Pedialyte or the recipe in this link and see if she will take a little.

I'm keeping a good eye on her now. All 4 birdies are napping now so it's just that time of day. I checked out the dangerous toys and didn't realize there were so many that were dangerous.