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Default Cage catastrophe and a bit of advice please

As some of you will know from my intro thread, Jake came to us in a teeny tiny cage. As soon as we got him I ordered a suitable cage which was supposed to be delivered on Thursday.

Technically it was delivered...but... and it's a big but. The back of the cage was missing! So it's now Saturday and Jake is still in the piddly little cage. I've phoned the company and they've told me the 'spares department' will send the back out, and I should have it with my in a few days and that they will either phone or e-mail me to confirm. Well 2 days later no phone call, no email, so I'm assuming the part hasn't even been sent out yet and the few days it'll take to get here will be from when it's sent not from when I called.

I've read reviews of the company and get the feeling I'm going to have hastle with this/them!

So my question is this, do I leave Jake in his teeny tiny cage while I wait god knows how long for the replacement back? Or do I try and get them to come collect the cage and get a refund for it and source one (probably with next day delivery from amazon prime) instead?

Will he be alright in the small cage, or is moving him to a bigger one ASAP a priority?