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Originally Posted by Therm View Post
Jen, that cage looks lovely, and is obviously great compared to his tiny cage. It's always worth remembering that budgies don't fly up and down and so width is always preferential to height when selecting a cage.
I know... I knew this and it was one of the reasons why I chose the first cage, because it was nice and wide. But for some reason I got myself in a flap (pardon the pun) and that went out the window because the only space there is for the cage is on a shelf in a nook in the livingroom and so width is limited to 70cm.

I can cancel the order, it's not saying dispatched yet. I'll have a look for a wider one. Is it being wider so important that it would be better it be wider but smaller overall?

I was going to grab this one initially, but the reviews completely put me off, because they say it's quite flimsy