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Originally Posted by petites View Post
They eat millet like we eat chips! (That's fries in US). It is junk food to them - a quick-fix mouth satisfier. That's not to say it is unhealthy but like all things should be eaten in moderation.
Your birds are quite young aren't they? So it isn't a problem yet. But continue to encourage new foods.
I would also remove the millet and let them have it only as a treat/reward.
Mishka is nearly 3 and would usually eat other seeds and what not. Id be worried to remove it incase they dont eat :s

Originally Posted by Therm View Post
Do tou have millet in the cage all the time?
I would simply remove the millet for a while and see if they revert back to seed.
Iv just removed it and they have 3 bowls of seed in their cage (2 at the bottom and one normal on the side of the cage) They also have two calcium blocks and a cuttlefish. Hopefully they chew on these and eat normal seed now Iv removed it :s

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