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Originally Posted by Therm View Post
I would recommend removing it tomorrow morning and only replacing it in the evening.
You should try and convert your birds to a healthier diet that doesn't just consist of seed and if they are only consuming millet now, that's not great.

Please read through stickies on the diet and nutrition section to educate yourself on the benefits of an overall healthy diet that will help your bird.
On thing you should see is that birds need a small amount of seed daily. If your birds are always allowed to eat millet they might be filling themselves up on millet and ignoring the seed for just millet spray.

How much millet do you have in their cage?

A comparison for you to consider is that I give eight birds one spray of millet to share between them all, once a week as a treat.

Iv just taken all the millet out and left the seed. I have tried mishka on healthier things like fruits/veggies (the ones that birds can eat) but he is not interested,Iv tried a few times but it just doesnt work well with him. So instead I occasionally use egg food in his seed mix, as well as put in a couple of calcium blocks. I also tried a special bird vitamin drop to put in the water. It isnt that I havnt tried to bring him up on healthy foods, he just wont have it. But the seed I get has a variety of seeds in. I can try again with fruits but I doubt he will go near them. I honestly dont know why he doesnt.