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Originally Posted by Therm View Post
Budgies are exceptionally stubborn.
So I would buy a nice bit of leafy green stuff- spinach, romaine lettuce, kale.. clean so it's dripping wet and lovely and pop it on the floor of the cage when it's been freshly cleaned.

They might not take to it straight away but they can't take to it at all if it's not there.

Keep trying with vet rather than fruit (it's better for them) and just keep trying. Present it in different ways. I used to chop veg up for them but mine like a nice few spinach leaves scattered on the cage floor. When I drop it in, morning or evening feed times. I sit down and I can hear the 'plop' as the budgies drop to the floor of the cage to get to it.

You might also want to limit the amount of seed they are having access to when you try and feed veggies so they don't stuff themselves full.

Yeah I may try some spinach, as I said to a reply earlier on the post Mishka has never taken to fruits or veggies. I dont know why. Ill try put some fresh spinach in tomorrow morning.

Originally Posted by petites View Post
Do you offer them vegetables? They certainly need more than seed as Therm has pointed out.
They will probably be reluctant at first, especially Mishka, but they should come around eventually.
Could you try sprouting some seed for them? I don't know a budgie who doesn't love sprouted seeds

I have tried veggies but Mishka has never taken. I can try again tho, Ill try tomorrow. But as I said as Mishka didnt take to veggies/fruits I used egg food mixed in with their seed, as well as calcium blocks / vitamin drops. And believe me Mishka isnt malnourished at all haha, he is a well fed birdie (not overweight though) Thanks for the advice How do I sprout the seeds?

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