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Originally Posted by Pretty boy View Post
Hi there, I will flag your thread so our experts can come on board for you. I can see she is very much in condition by the colour of her cere, perhaps this stance is a sort of mate attracting stance. Sort of like hey I am ready to mate? I am not positive of this maybe she simply prefers to stand this way, Budget will often be like this too.
As long as she is healthy, eating and otherwise normal I hope it is all ok. Of course you can always make an appointment with your avian vet and discuss your concerns too.
She does seem fine for the most part I guess... I will getting an appointment with my avian vet tomorrow for a general check up. All three of them need it anyway. Thank you!

Originally Posted by StarlingWings View Post
Hi Fatma

If you notice consistent decrease in activity levels, I do agree with Cathy that a visit to the avian vet is in order to rule out any hidden conditions.

However, just her posture is not enough to worry. Many birds prefer different ways of standing, and Mallorn is one of them. She also walks like that most of the time, and is only upright when she's got her head tucked into her wing for naptime. The rest of the time, she walks over horizontally, mostly. Since she's my only budgie, I've never considered it to be out of the ordinary and she's just fine

I hope that helped, I know how worrying it can be to notice something that seems off about our little ones.
I guess its something more common than I thought it would be... I will be calling our avian vet because they're due for a general checkup and while they get their checkups I will ask the questions that worry me.