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Cool Pictures of Apollo - Ongoing Thread

I was never much of a photo taker until I got Apollo. Now I've got so many pictures on my phone that its memory is taking a serious hit. I'll post some of the best ones here, starting at the beginning:

9 February 2016 - Day 1
It's hard to get a good shot through the bars of a cage because it gives the impression that Apollo is in jail. That's appropriate here though because he kind of was for those first couple weeks, before he was tame enough to venture outside his cage.

10 February 2016 - Day 2
Officially the cutest budgie in the world.

14 February 2016 - Day 6
When I first brought Apollo home he wasn't hand tame at all. But after only a few days of bonding, and trust building, I had him eating out of the palm of my hand.


After two weeks of settling in, and mastering the "step-up" trick, Apollo was ready for some out of cage time. His wings were clipped but he just flapped hard, determined to fly as far and wide as he could manage.

22 February 2016
This was the first time Apollo came out of his cage since he'd arrived. I'd been trying for a few days to convince him to try, but he was having none of it. Finally he did it and immediately tried to fly, but really only managed to hop, skip, and jump across the floor until he found this perch.

6 March 2016
Eventually he started getting a little more comfortable outside his cage and started exploring the area...

6 March 2016
...Even though the blinds were mostly closed Apollo flew towards the light and crashed right into them. I panicked. He didn't. When I bounded across the room to see where he had fallen I found him looking up at me like "What? Everything's cool here."

13 March 2016
This was the first day Apollo really chilled with us "outside". At this point he would happily hang out on my hand inside his cage, and would step-up to let me bring him back to his cage when he was out. But this day he flew himself over to where we were sitting, and then used us as perches while he preened himself and wagged his tail like a dog.

13 March 2016
This was Apollo's starter cage. I thought it was great that the top opened up to make a play stand so that he could have somewhere safe to hang out and be free to fly around a bit. (I hadn't bought the play stand yet.) For the first couple weeks he wouldn't sit on the perch for more than a second before hopping right back down into the cage. But this was a big day, because after hanging out with us for a while, he sat up on his high perch all afternoon, chirping happily.

28 March 2016
Before he grew in his full-length flight feathers, Apollo was only able to fly about one lap around the apartment. Then he would lose altitude and flutter down to the floor. He ended up in this spot more often than not, to play with the budgie in the window.

6 April 2016
When I first got Apollo his beak was pretty short and had a little black spot on it. I don't know if it was just because he was really young, or if there was something else going on. Have any of you experienced this? It did grow to a normal length within a few weeks, but he didn't start chewing on this kabob toy (or anything else) for almost two months.

1 May 2016
Apollo started his juvenile molt in April. I decided to let his flight feathers grow out so he could get proper exercise. You can see in this picture that a couple of them had grown in by the beginning of May which already made a huge difference in his flying ability. Even though it took him a few weeks to stop gently crashing in to things, he has since become an excellent flyer. And he now prefers to hang out on top of the curtains, like he is here, instead of down on the ground like before.

3 May 2016
I wanted to find a natural branch for Apollo that would be good for his feet. I was excited to find this one because it has one teeny tiny branch for him to clamp his feet around tight.

7 April 2016
I bought this play gym so Apollo would have a safe space to play outside of his cage. It took him about a week before he was willing to try it out, but now that he know it's his he's as comfy there as he is in his cage.

8 April 2016
This is what monitors are for right? Chillin' and munchin' on some kale.

4 June 2016
Apollo had now mastered the art of climbing out the top of his cage, so I could just open it up for him and let him come and go as he pleased. This meant, he'd come out, explore a bit, then get scared by his shadow and race back to the safety of cage.


In classical mythology Apollo is god of the sky, truth, music, and healing,
and is defender of flocks.

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