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Default Introducing Spot!

It's been too quiet since little Harper passed, so I went out and got Spot on Friday.

He's (I think it's a he) energetic and curious. He's already eating millet from between my fingers, so it's probably not long before we can spend some time out of the cage.

They clipped his wings at the store, but I feel a lot better about this store than the previous one. These guys had fresh veggies out for the rodents. I haven't seen that in too many big chain pet stores.

I hope the flight feathers grow back soon. He looks so frustrated trying to fly around his giant cage.

Btw, I scrubbed the caged before getting Spot. I know it's possible that Harper passed from something contagious.

Also, I'm not sure I'm sticking with Spot but I'm going with it for now (he has a white spot on top of his head).