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Default Budgie Behavior: 3 Males 1 Female

Hi all! My brother posted awhile back about 3 recently new birds we got.
Original post:

The Story:
I bought 2 birds in February, one male, one female - Gary and Anivia.
Gary recently passed away. we never knew what went wrong, he was fine in the morning and was flying around/energetic. And then gradually, at night time,he just became sick suddenly. I took him to the vet nearing midnight and unfortunately they couldn't do much since all the Avian Vets were closed. The general vet I talked to said it looked like Gary had respiratory problems. We suspected mites, but there were none and couldn't have been because Anivia was fine (and still is!). He passed away at around 2/3am in the morning.

Next day I decided I would get another parakeet. Surprisingly, one of the workers I talk to a lot said she was giving away 3 parakeets and was finding a home for them. I got the birds the same day.
At this point I didn't know anything about quarantine. So, the birds were next to each other in different cages for a few weeks until my brother posted here.

We followed quarantine:
1. We separated the female, Anivia, from the three new male parakeets on June 15th, 2016.
2. I took Anivia's cage back to where the other cage was and had them sit next to each other on July 13, 2016.
3. The last few days I wold let them out and play or fly around - or let Anivia in the cage, or vice versa.
4. Today, I put Anivia in with the boys and this is their behavior. NOTE: The 3 male parakeets behave much more differently then the very first day I got them and put Anivia in with them. They are much more chill with her around.

My question is: what kind of behavior is this? Is it breeding behavior? It looks like Anivia is kissing Pickle, but then kinda-not pecking him.
Here are links to videos I took awhile ago - this is when I just put them in together (I also changed the setting in the cage to make it "new" to all the birds).


**I also took all of them to an actual avian vet a couple of weeks ago and the vet said that all the birds are healthy! With some exceptions:
1. Marshal is a "disabled" parakeet and was born deformed. So, his left wing isn't able to grow back at all. I even asked about artificial wings, but the vet said it might not be possible . Although, i am doing my best to let Marshal have the most comfortable life he can get!
2. Pickle: We took name tags off the new birds I got and the vet tried reading Pickle's. She said that he might have been born in 2008, making him nearly 8 years old! He does have an overgrown beak, and has odd feces.. The vet said he might have liver issues and told me to bring him back.

I appreciate any help!