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Default Would like advice on making a budgie safe desk

I would like some help making a desk safe for my budgies. I'd like to know if I can take this desk- Oxford Student Workstation | Officeworks and cover it over with half an inch or so of parrot safe wood? My current desk is not parrot safe and held together with wood glue on one side after moving it across the room. I wanted to get a new one anyway, and this one is pretty much my dream desk. If you think covering it thickly with budgie safe wood would work, what do you recommend (I would screw it on) and do you think it will be enough to protect my budgies? I also plan on installing doors across the front shelves, and a roll down top to cover over the top shelf where my computer speakers will go. I'm also planning on making a door on the bottom, too, to stop them getting at the cables. And a panel on the back so I can still have my computer on the top beside my monitor. I'm a gamer so I will have a lot of stuff on here I want my budgies protected from. I'll also be using the same recommended wood to alter the open bottom of my fish tank, and to cover the pipes and stuff I will be installing to ensure there's no chance of them getting sick/chewing the cables/chewing the tank supplies. Don't worry about them right now, in the short run I can ventilate my room quite well, and in the long run I have a great vent system planned that will be cheap and easy. I will make a separate thread about that system.

If I can just cover the desk, I will. The main things I need to know: Lightweight, strong budgie safe wood, what to look for in how it was treated to know what to avoid, paints aside from rustoleum I can use on it, something I can use to make it glossy that won't hurt my budgies but will seal paint/wood from things like moisture, and finally how thick the wood will have to be so if my budgies do chew on it I have a strong chance to spot/repair it so they won't get to the non safe wood underneath.