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These questions have been fairly well answered but I'll answer anyway
Originally Posted by softie View Post
1. Well, all along I thought that Milo was a YF2 Dilute Sky Blue.. but now I'm starting to wonder if he is actually a Greywing?
Yes I'd say he was a greywing
Originally Posted by softie View Post
2. What are the differences between a Dilute and a Greywing? I know that Greywings can dilute the body color as well, so what are the key differences to look for? Do the cheek feathers make a difference at all? (Dilute: sky blue cheek feathers, Greywing: dark blue cheek feathers?)
Greywing can dilute the body colour up to 50%. Dilute will dilute the body colour 80% or more. The colour of the cheek patches depends on the base body colour
Originally Posted by softie View Post
3. If a Normal Sky Blue budgies has every characteristic of a Normal mutation (full colored wings, no band), but has a tiny, tiny small patch on the back of his head, is he still a Normal or a Pied?
It is a normal and the patch usually means that it split for recessive pied. Not all birds that are split for recessive pied have this patch
Originally Posted by softie View Post
4. If a Light Green Dominant Pied is all yellow with Pied wing markings and a band across the stomach, but has clear, white flight feathers, is he a Dominant Pied or a Clearflight? Can clearflights have bands on the stomach?
It is a dominant pied. Clearflight pieds can have some clear areas on their fronts but it is usually mottled and located high on the chest area. The amount of clear area is a lot more variable on a clearflight pied than on a dominant pied. The other thing to remember when indentifying pieds is that it is possible for a bird to be a combination of more than one pied mutation
Originally Posted by softie View Post
5. Last Question.... How on earth do you make up the mutation line?? I know the Yellow Face factor comes first, but after that, I always seem to mix it up to what other people say..

Is it, for exmaple, YF2 Opaline Sky Blue Pied?
Or YF2 Sky Blue Opaline Pied?
Or YF2 Recessive Pied Opaline Blue?
Some associations have preferences for the order that the mutations are written. Some Australian clubs always put the colour first and the mutation last. English clubs seem to mostly use the other way round. If birds are being shown it would depend which class they were entered in. For example if a recessive pied spangle was entered in the recessive pied class you'd call it a spangle recessive pied. The main thing is to make it clear when using terms like double factor or type 2 is which mutation the term refers to: For example if you called a bird a yellow face spangle grey type 2 double factor it's unclear whether it's the yellow face that is double factor or the spangle or the grey; And what does the type 2 refer to?

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