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Question Double molt?

Hi guys, have any of you experienced this?

Apollo started his juvenile molt in April and it finished last month. But then two days ago he started molting again! He was mostly losing down feathers and what I think are secondary flight feathers. I didn't keep track of how many secondaries he had lost so I thought maybe there were just a couple that he had hung on to. But today when I got home I found one of his long tail feathers on the floor of his cage, and I know that he just grew that one in a couple months ago.

He seems as happy and playful as ever and isn't showing any sign of illness. We have had a heat wave here this week (30 degrees tops) but my apartment never gets that hot.

I'm a little worried because it seems really soon to be going through a second molt already. Does this seem normal to you experienced budgie owners? When did your budgies go through their second molt?

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