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Exclamation Red Mites! LEAVE US ALONE

Afternoon everyone!

Today I was changing the water in Darwin's cage when I noticed the infamous red dot in the water.Not going to lie that I cursed to myself a few times because I thought I had finally got rid of these pests. Nope!

I got Darwin of my mother, and she was being kept in the same cage as her previous budgie who passed from mites. She promised me she gave the cage a full clean before investing in another feathered friend...
Well, she didn't, the day I took Darwin off my mothers hands (she is working more and couldn't care for her) I went to change the food and as I unclipped the latch, they ran out like ants. I don't think I could formulate words for how devastated I was. I checked all over the cage and she was infested. This poor bird, I thought. No wonder she was so slim and not really an active bird. My mum always kept a towel on top of the cage and it was the perfect breeding ground for them.

Moving on,
Me and Darwin have had a constant battle with the mites since, I've had her for 3-4 months now and she has just fully gone into her juvenile molt - it was very delayed because of how ill she was. And today finding that small red mite. I was a huge setback for our progress, we had not seen any for 2 weeks.

I have not took her to the vet yet, because of how well she was doing, but now I'm really considering getting some anti parasite spray. Darwin gets treated with spot-on anti parasite every 4 weeks. But now I'm worried about the new bird, Casper, it's been so long now and the mites are most likely in my home, he is just a baby.

I clean the cage weekly with pet-safe disinfectant, take the whole thing apart and soak it in near boiling water and add a little extra disinfectant for good measure. I soak it for an hour each time. All perches and toys included. (cotton and paper like toys & perches go under hot water because I don't want them absorbing the disinfectant and the bird chewing it!!) Rinse it twice and then give it a final rinse and disinfect before letting it air dry and putting it all back together. The reason I soak it in the bath is because there is some little bits that I can't get a cloth or sponge into no matter how hard I try....EDIT: I use the powerwash setting on my shower to help push out anything nasty.
Any help will be deeply appreciated. Thank you for reading
With love!

Saphera , Darwin and Casper