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8/25 I decided to get him out of his cage today. He was stepping up reliably, so I took him out of his cage and shut the door. I had set up a play area for him, including lots of treats by it. However, once he jumped off my hand (because for him step-up means, step-up, get treat, jump back to perch) he panicked when he couldn't get back into his cage. So he flew around the room, and ended up hitting my mirror. He was able to fly back to me safely, and perched on my hand. I held him against my chest and talked calmly to him (while apologizing profusely) and giving him plenty of millet as way of apology. I opened his cage and he hopped back in. He seems fine, he wasn't stunned but his little feet were very warm. I googled it, and it was because his heart rate increased because he was so panicked . Lesson learned. BUDGIE PROOF ROOM. I didn't think the mirror would be an issue, but I was very wrong. Any advice? Should I try taking him into another room? (after I let him recuperate for a few days, of course). I've had mixed advice on the subject.