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Originally Posted by juniorhues View Post
I used to get mites all the time when I owned hermit crabs! The way that I got rid of them is an organic and easy method that works with fleas and ants. It's better than any flea medicine or tick remover on the market.

What is this miracle product?! Cinnamon!

For some reason bugs absolutely HATE cinnamon with a dying passion, because they taste with their feet and when you're so small, cinnamon is like sulfuric acid. I know parrots love cinnamon and can handle eating it which only makes cleanup a bit easier, but sprinkle this on some of the things in your cage, especially making sure to get it into the corners, and then also put a bit of cinnamon on your hands and work it into the feathers of your bird, being sure to get to the skin. You don't need so much that they turn red, just a little bit in different areas is just fine- but avoid putting any cinnamon on or near the face.

Then! If your birds aren't already eating the cinnamon, put a little bit into their food to be sure that they're also ingesting it. This makes your bird cinnamon-y from head to toe! Again, they don't need to be absolutely powdered, you don't need to add water or anything. For a bird as small as a budgie, a teaspoon or less in your hand and put on the feathers and feet will do!

The last step is to microwave or 2:1 water and bleach solution the rest of the cage items. If you have any substrate at all, put it in a bowl and microwave for about 30 seconds. The microwave is just to kill anything possibly left like eggs- it's not about heat, just radiation!

I've never done this one with birds, but it's worked for hermit crabs ( they were placed in water to soak while i cinnamoned and microwaved the tank and substrate ), dogs, cats, rats, mice and ferrets!
Thank you so much ^-^ I'm just a little short on money to get treatment stuff so this will certainly help Giving my babies both a very deep clean again today. Hopefully this will be over soon
With love!

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