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Talking Update on Apollo's second molt

Hey guys, thought I'd give you a quick update on Apollo's molt. He's doing great. There was one day that he looked like a pincushion; he just sat all fluffed up most of the day, taking lots of naps. But other than that he's been his normal active self. He ended up losing both of his long tail feathers, again! So he's looking kinda stubby. Other than that he's lost a bunch of medium sized wing feathers and has tons of pinnies on his head too.

He still isn't showing any interest in meat though. During his first molt and this one I have been trying to give him mashed up eggs, but he's not having it. I've also been trying meal worms, which he'll play with (ie toss around for me to pick up...yuck), but he doesn't eat them. He loves his green and orange veggies though, and his feathers are looking good, so hopefully he's getting all the nutrients he needs.

In classical mythology Apollo is god of the sky, truth, music, and healing,
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