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Originally Posted by aluz View Post
You have described the normal motion of when budgies are adjusting their crops.
That elongating and what it seems like successive yawnings in a row is crop adjustment.

Regurgitation (as well as vomiting) has a previous pumping/bobbing motion where the bird will bring the food up.

To put your mind at ease, you can watch a few videos on Youtube by typing, "Budgie regurgitating" "Budgie adjusting its crop", so that you will know the difference. You can do the same for yawning.

Oh ok will do .. I learned a new thing today [emoji4]this might be the adjusting of his crop then because there is no pumping head/bobbing just stretching and yawning kind of movement but several time in a row... Thank you this help and I will look at it on you tube [emoji106]

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