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9/14 Not really any new changes, but I do need to work on stepping-up some more. He needs proof-of-millet still, he's a smart and stubborn little one. I don't press on his stomach, I just offer my hand and let him hop on if he wants. Should I gently press in the future? I'm unsure if that'll make it more consistent, or he'll just despise me for forcing his wing (sorry I had to : ). My new bonding method is to clip a small bit of millet to my shirt while I'm reading or something so that he'll fly to my shoulder to snack. It's messy, but at least he comes to me! I want him to get used to flying to me and I hope to get to a point where he'll fly to my shoulder whenever he wants my company! When stepping up he doesn't fly off immediately, but when he realizes he's not getting more millet he leaves. I think I need to be more consistent with his schedule overall.