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I'm sorry, Niamh! Let me clarify- he was licking a printed book, not pencil written words. It was a paper workbook with printed words- not as glossy as a magazine, bu Not like smeary newsprint. We removed him from the book pretty quickly, worried that he might poop on it. Thank you for caring and posting- it is important to remember all the dangers our little friends can face and how to protect them!

Edited to add: Now that you say that, though, Niamhf, it's made me think- we have lots of pencils around in that room. Although we are in there with him, and know not to let him chew them, he is a busy budgie. I can imagine a scenario where we are distracted and he becomes curious about a pencil. The thought makes me feel sick- we adore this baby. I'm going to be relocating all our pencils to a drawer today, and we'll only take one out when we are using it. I thought we had budgie proofed that room pretty well, too! Thanks for putting that thought into my head!

Thank you for our signature, Deb.....

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