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Thanks Aluz. That is incredibly helpful information.

I think my bird is generally just "finger tamed." I feel a bit like his butler. He doesn't have much interest in "playing" per say. All he wants to do is eat, and then fly to the top of the book case and chirp. He will chew toys, but doesn't exactly play.

He seems interested when I come near the cage. . . but doesn't necessarily come closer. He doesn't seem excited necessarily. It might be because I've been around him a lot in the past week(s) & keep him in the room with me when I'm on the computer, etc.

Sometimes he will sing and do the head bob... but I'm not sure if that's for me or it's for his favorite branch. (He does this to a branch. Or, maybe he's trying to get my attention because I'm sitting about 8 to 10 feet away. I'm not sure.... I've only seen this a couple times. I thought it was the branch. .... As I write he's doing it to the books. He loves those books. He's doing a nice song for the books right now & bobbing his head. He's about 12 feet away so I don't think that's intended for my benefit.)

Should I continue to let him perch on the bookcases? They are two very tall cases on opposite sides of the room, and he flys back and forth between the top of the two and looks down on me as I work. Is this encouraging distance and superiority on his part? (I can try other areas to let him fly for a designated and supervised play-time / fly-time.)

As you know he's about 5 to 6 months... I've had him for about a month. . . . Is this relationship set or does it grow, change, evolve as he grows up? I realize there are certain personality components at work and he might be more "macho" than some more docile and /or personable and/or less wild birds. I realize that and it's ok... I know pets are wild animals and you never exactly know which personality you will get. I appreciate him regardless and his various moods. (He is cutest when he is tired. He is obnoxious when he wants to come out of his cage. He is frustrating when he is picky about the pellet conversion (he's clearly a seed junky.)

As we speak I'm waiting for him to get bored perching high up (or hungry); and I'm going to reward him when he comes to his cage. But it can take a long time... hours. Right now he is completely silent on the bookcase. Just hanging out about 10 feet up. . . not making any noise. Just watching. I guess he's relaxing in a place he enjoys and feels safe.

Thanks for the help.... !