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Originally Posted by IAmStarby View Post
Hey! My bird is in the exact same situation. You should definitely keep us updated if you start moving from finger taming to more bonded, because I'm trying really hard to make that step and it's not working so far.
Will do IAMStarby. I believe I saw that you found your bird...? If my memory serves me correctly from reading your posts. (yesterday I read... forgive me if I'm getting this confused.) Seems like you've made good progress for an adult bird you found.

My bird is a 5 to 6 month old "teenager" ... & is very good... but at times still seems a bit "wild."

I've learned that slowing down and being very patient and going at his pace and not pushing him really helps things. i.e. if he seems like he wants to be by himself, I let him, and if he seems like he would prefer to be in his cage, I don't force him. Positive reinforcement and going slow really seem to the way to go. I think it's about seeing how things are by the end of the year vs. next week or the week after. That's what I'm thinking anyhow.

I ignore him when he makes obnoxious "ack" noises. I find if I do nothing, he will simmer down and then chirp in a more reasonable way that he wants attention. I don't want to encourage is most obnoxious behaviors, while at the same time making sure his needs are being met. It's a delicate balance I think.