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Default It's been a while- flock update

Hi Everyone!

It's been a pretty long time since I've been on this forum and a lot has changed!
Many of you may not remember me! I used to post on here so much but I got super busy and life gets in the way sometimes!

Last time I posted on here I had four budgies: Kirby, Charlie, Daisy & Ollie and a cockatiel named Bandit.

so last year every thing was going great, all the budgies were getting along wonderfully! Then at the end of the year just a few days after Christmas I went in to check on the budgies as I always do in the morning and I found Ollie had passed away in the night.
Ollie was my youngest budgie only 3 years old & he seemed very healthy, active and extremely happy. Sometimes my birds were prone to night frights and with the positioning of his body I felt like this was likely the answer to his sudden death- he had likely had a night fright, crashed into something and just broken his neck or done some serious damage.

I was so heart broken to lose him and especially sad for my other male budgie Charlie who was very very close to Ollie.

A little while passed and Charlie seemed sad and depressed without his best buddy. A friend of mine told me he knew someone who was selling some hand raised baby budgies so I went and had a looked a picked out a little male green and yellow boy who we named Kiwi.

Kiwi was accepted into our flock very easily. He actually reminds me of Ollie a lot, he loves to fly around and is a very active happy bird.
I think this cheered Charlie up a bit & the flock dynamics evened out once again.

fast forward to this year August 26th and once again heart break when we found Daisy had passed away in the night. Again Daisy did't show any signs of being sick, but she was a rescue bird, we were unsure of how old she was when we brought her home & she never learnt to fly due to injury before we got her. Daisy was only with us for 4 years but she could have been 8 or 9 years old. She may have simply passed away of old age or she may have had some other medical issue we didn't know about.

Anyway this again changed the dynamics of the flock.

It's been over a month now... we now have one female bird (kirby) living with the two boys (kiwi and charlie) and while there has been no fighting one thing I have noticed is that now Daisy is gone Kiwi is actively pursuing Kirby.. Before Daisy and Kirby the two girls were often sitting together and the two boys together. Maybe Kiwi has just come into breeding condition and is showing more interest in Kirby..
and I'm sure Kirby is enjoying this attention
But its left Charlie on his own quite a bit.

I've always had four budgies and I've always kind of believed that its best to have even numbers.

I'm unsure if I should buy another bird so charlie doesn't feel so alone.. and if I do decide to buy another bird should I be buying a female?
or should I buy a male since Charlie always seemed to bond with males more?

is having three boys and one girl okay? or am i best to stick with two girls and two boys?
I'm unsure at this stage what I want to do.. but was just thinking before I'd love some advice from people who love their budgies as much as I do and I thought wow I haven't been on talk budgies for ages!

so here I am coming to update you guys

I'm going to upload some pictures latter on in the pictures thread

Also if anyone is wondering about my cockatiel bandit she is doing really well. she isn't bothered much by the budgies as she loves human company more than anything else.

Hope this long post hasn't put anyone to sleep!