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Originally Posted by Pretty boy View Post
Hi Abby, I think you should perhaps slow down a touch with Magnus trying to teach hi too many things at once can get him confused and not know what you actually want.

As far as throwing him to encourage flight I would not recommend it. A budgie is a very fragile, nervous flight response bird. If he is having free flight sessions, playing ,walking around this is good. I encourage my budgies to fly to me by tapping my shoulder and saying "Come" they have learned this and know what it means.

Remember also Magnus may not be a inquisitive type of budgie they all are different in personality.

Thanks for your response! He's pretty confident with what I've taught him so far, I'm actually not teaching him a lot. Just step-up, touch-training, and then I'm now teaching him to fly to me on command (but he's getting distracted too easily). And the flying training only lasts for about 5 minutes a day. I'm just worried that it's not natural for him to be so cage bound, and that he needs more stimulation or he will be bored and overweight.

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