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Originally Posted by LynandIndigo View Post
Hello Sarah. I remember you a very nice person with a wonderful heart...

First I'd like to say I am so very sorry for your loss of Ollie and Daisy.. I remember seeing them on Skype and Indi sent them toys to play with. Sarah you are a good caring and loving mum Ollie and Daisy knew that you loved them so much.. Please accept my deepest Symphony..
Fly high up in the Sky Ollie and Daisy you are free..

Now Welcome to your newest member of your family Kiwi. You sound like you are adorable I'm sure Kirby loves his new friend.

How is bandit going?

I am really sorry you have been having a hard time. You no that Indi and I are here for you my friend.

We have missed hearing from you.. Hugs to you Sarah.

Hi Lyn,

How are you and Indigo? I hope you are both well
I really appreciate your kind words.

Bandit is doing really well, she's very happy! gets to spend lots of time out of her cage and loves to sit on my shoulder while we watch TV!

Originally Posted by aluz View Post
Welcome back to the forums, Sarah!

I'm sorry to hear of Ollie and Daisy's unexpected departures, you have my deepest sympathies.

As for getting a 4th budgie, if after quarantine you plan on housing all 4 in the same cage, then it's best for you to get a girl.
Later on and depending on how they behave and interact with each other, you may need to house two budgies per cage, if there is no longer harmony within the flock or if there are overly passionate advances between the male/female pairs.

I will be waiting for the picture update and to meet your latest arrival, Kiwi!
Hi, thank you for the warm welcome!
I have added some pictures in the budgie pictures now! I have talked to my partner and he has agreed we should get another female budgie so at some stage there will be a new addition to our flock when we find the right bird!
We already have a spare cage for quarantine as we've been through that before of course & if need be we will separate the birds if they have any trouble but hopefully all will go fine and they will all get along good.
They have quite a large cage so usually can get away from each other if they're annoying each other!

I will have to try to come online more and keep you guys updated!