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Thank you RavensGryf, I will consider the bar spacing of 13 mm, strange that i find in many stores cages like montana with bar spacing 15-17 mm which are suggested for budgies. Thank you for the links for the approved flight cages! I will check what is available and suitable for our living room .

Originally Posted by RavensGryf View Post
Here are some flight cage suggestions that are large enough.

In these two links, this is a popular and Talk Budgies approved flight cage.

Flight Bird Cage - Black F040 Prevue Pet Products

Large Flight Bird Cage F050 Prevue Pet Products

In the link below, I have this double flight cage in black with a removable divider which might come in handy depending on the situation. The style should be available worldwide, since there are several brands who make this style, also the single version of it.

Double Timbertown Treehouse Bird Cage, Double Bird Cages, Stacked Bird Cages, Breeder Cages, Bird Cages

I like the last cage you show a link to, it's cute. The bar spacing seems fine on that one. Regardless of what spacious cage you choose, please make sure it has no more than 1/2" bar spacing (12.7 mm), I think 13 would be basically 1/2"?.