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Originally Posted by DeaconAndRayna View Post
Hi everyone!

A few days ago we added a new mirror to the cage which is suspended by a chain. The mirror is great fun but they seem to love the chain more.

I was thinking of making the cage door in to a drawbridge using the thinner chain in the picture attached. The thicker chain I was thinking of using to just dangle in a corner so they can fuss over it. I have used two coins to show the scale of the chain. A pound coin and a quarter.

The chain or links have never been used for anything before and I intend to soak them in bird safe disinfectant overnight before I do anything with them.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!
In my opinion, the carabiner could pinch any bird badly if they were to push on it. So I would use the screw type like you have instead.