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Default Natural Bird Perch

I'm thinking of trimming off a branch/twigs from a Jacaranda tree and a Eucalyptus tree (I've doubled checked that they are budgie-bird safe) and while searching on how to disinfect tree branches, I've received many answers, so again, I have more questions ^^;
(I've already seen the thread of safe/unsafe wood and what to use for disinfecting, I would just like to know more about which seems to be effective and how much to use and for how long)

1. Which disinfectant is more effective? Vinegar x Water? Bleach (the bleach we have here is for clothes... Which is Cold Power and Dynamo.) x Water? Dishwashing liquid x Water? (This leads to the next question)
2. How much of Vinegar do we put in Water? How much of Bleach do we put in Water? How much dishwashing liquid do we put in Water? How much is too much?
3. I can't use our oven nor can I boil it so I'll have to leave it out in the sun. How long would I need to leave it out once done soaking?
4. When I get the branches, should I bake the branches (sun) before I put it into a solution and then bake it again and for how long (both drying before and putting in solution)? Is it alright to do multiple sessions? Like putting it into the solution and then drying it, and then putting it into solution and then drying it again (if so, how many times should I do it or is it unsafe?)

I've been trying to research the most effective and safest ways but I've gotten so many different answers.
Thank you so much.
And very sorry to be another person to repeat a question that I believe has been repeated many times.

EDIT: I just realised I put this thread into the wrong category as it should be in the DIY section. I'm not sure how to move if there or if members can move it. ^^;; sorry about that.

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