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Originally Posted by aluz View Post
Will you be taking the cage to your bedroom to then allow your budgie out?
If you are planning on taking her out in the living room, chances are high she will fly around before you reach your bedroom.
Since both your budgies have previously stayed in your bedroom it's not a completely unfamiliar territory for them and given the fact you have bird proofed the room, your budgie should be fine even if she freaks out little when flying for the first time. Having a play area and even the safety of the cage will be helpful especially as she adjusts to the room and increasingly becomes more comfortable in her out of cage time adventures.

Good luck!
Thank you for that very helpful information!
I'll be taking the cage to my bedroom and then closing the doors (while telling everyone that the bird will be out the cage) and letting her out.
Right now, the cage is in the bedroom with me and they're just preening and grinding their beak happily.