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Originally Posted by Pretty boy View Post
Hello, may I ask how you are going to get het back in her cage ? Is she finger trained, will she step up?
Letting her out will cause the others to become agitated and they will want out as well. Be prepared to be in there for a while and have not commitments .
Also it is a good idea not to let her out if it is near dark or night time, budgies do not have good night vision. Please let us know how things go.
She is finger trained and she can fly towards your hands/finger that are just a few cm away.
I was thinking of having her to step up on my finger and then slowly taking her out and onto a perch that's attached to the cage outside and the same method when putting her back in.
Ah really? I'll keep that in mind. I didn't know that it would make the others agitated. I'll try to think of a way to "somehow" minimise that.
Okay, "not take her out near dark or night time", I'll make sure of that, thank you.