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Default Help! Changed budgie behaviour after holiday away

Hi all,

I went away for two weeks and left my pet budgie in the hands of a friend of a friend who was keen to house sit. She loves animals but unfortunately didn't do a very good job at looking after my bird, Snowy. I left her detailed instructions but anyway, long story short, when I got home I nearly had a heart attack when I saw his seed container was full of empty seed husks from bottom to top. His water container was a quarter full and his top perch that he spends most of his time on had somehow half collapsed so it was on a steep angle...

I also don't believe she was home very much. She works full time and spends most of her free time at the gym, whereas my husband works from home so Snowy is used to human interaction every day, close to all day.

Found out she was only replacing his seed every five days D: and never blew away the husks and topped it up.

It's now been a week since we got home and I'm a bit worried about him. He is the same bird when he's with my husband and I, he's not skittish or scared. But he doesn't seem to be eating very much. For example before we left he was always super keen for his seed once we got up in the morning, but now when I top up his food (this is happening every day) he has no interest. Today it's been two hours since he's woken up and he hasn't gone for his seed once. Worried, I'm giving him veggies out of his cage and trying to at least get him to eat millet, but he's barely making a mark out of his seed. He is eating it a bit but nowhere near as much.

Some other behavioral changes - he's doing a lot of 'screaming/screeching' and loud chirping, which is just unusual for him. Normal Snowy behaviour is chattering and whistling with the occasional chirp. He's also been fluttering his wings a lot - not completely - just against his sides a bit, if that makes sense... he seems happy, but he's clearly acting differently.

Anyway, should I be worried? Does he just need more time to settle back in after what I can only imagine was a horrible two weeks for him? I'm just so glad we came home to an alive bird!!! What a way to end a holiday!

Bath time!